Joe 4

The OG GT, Joe (one of the owners of PR) purchased this facelift Mustang new back in 2018 to develop packages for the Mustang market with the end goal being a twin turbo setup that pushed the boundaries here in Australia.

Joe 24

The car literally went from the showroom floor onto the PR dyno for some baseline testing and development of our stage one mustang package.

Joe 7

Starting out with multiple base runs of 290-300rwkw factory and then with the addition of a cold air intake and custom tune, it left with 315rwkw. This testing went on for a few months to perfect the drivability and feel of the soon to be PR packages.

Joe 22

It wasn’t long before work began on designing and building the turbo kit which formed the base for our packages manufactured today.

Joe 4 2
Joe 2 1

Joe daily drove the car with the Stage 1 700hp package for about a year, racking up 15,000km on the stock engine, trans and various other components, finally leading to stepping up to a built engine, e85 and drivetrain development.

Joe 23
Prgt 1131

Now with over 1000hp at the wheels, the challenge was being able to use it all. The drivetrain components were addressed, starting with an upgraded tailshaft, Truetrac diff center, axles, shocks and springs, bushing lockouts, and adjustable arms.

Joe 1 1

All of this led to the 10-speed transmission quickly showing up as the weak point, pushing us to develop this the same way we did the Zf 6 speed from the Falcons and 6r80 in the previous model mustangs.

10r80 1

Joe 4 1

The whole vibe of this car was supposed to be subtle looks whilst focusing on function over form, with the only visual changes being the 17×10 Weld S71 rear wheels and front 18×6 Weld Alumastar fronts. This provides maximum grip to get the power to the ground whilst still retaining adequate stopping power up front.


All of the factory features remain, from the airconditioned and heated seats, to active cruise and lane assist, making this car the perfect modern day muscle street/strip vehicle. You can take the family to Cars and Coffee on a Sunday morning, then hit up the Sunday street meet to run a mid 9sec pass.

There’s a huge amount of history with this car and it could be yours!


Precision Racing’s Stage 1+ Lamborghini Huracan / Audi R8 twin turbo kit

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