Nissan GTR Stage 6  PR16

Now we’re talking business! Whilst not easy, this package is about as far as you want to take a street car, whilst still retaining a stock like appearance engine bay. Keeping the authorities off your back, and your opponents none the wiser. 1500+ wheel horsepower and low 8 and high 7 second passes at over 180mph have been proven by our PR16 builds, all while remaining perfectly street drivable.

Capable of 7.9 second and 180mph+ over 400m (1/4Mile) these PR16’s are doing 0-233kph in 5.2 seconds and 100-200 in 2.68 seconds on street tyres/surface

Please note: Precision Racing will NOT build, modify or support non PR package GTR’s at this power level.


PR16 Package Includes:

  • PR16 long engine upgrade with PR spec Balancer      
  • PR 16 GR6 transmission build with Drag billet sump  
  • PR16/PR breather kit/Transmission breather system    
  • PR16 billet wheel Precision Turbo system 
  • Plazmaman PR16 air to air intercooler kit       
  • PR12 fuel rail kit and fuel pressure regulator        
  • PR16 Triple in-tank fuel pump system with upsized feed line and speedflow fittings to suit
  • PR Billet engine oil sump  
  • DSS rear axle kit  
  • Billet flywheel+ ARP flywheel bolts    
  • MoTeC M1 PR Ecu package + additional 6 injector harness     
  • Turbosmart Blow off valves  
  • Custom intercooler piping eliminating all silicone joiners
  • Fuel pressure/coolant pressure sensor kits
  • 12 Injector Intake manifold (brand/finish optional)
  • 3.5” Custom Dump pipes + 4” exhaust system
  • 3.5”-4” intakes
  • Upgraded front shaft
  • Billet front diff internals


COST: $211,900 (Intake manifold choice dependant

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