NIssan GTR Stage 3 PR8

Take your GT-R from PR6 package to the PR8 package, which although looks like a tame street package, turns your R35 into a crazy factory beast with 800 horsepower at all four wheels.

 9-second quarter mile passes at 150mph is the result, and more than enough for those who have “normal” expectations of what a fast street car is.

 Package includes:

  • PR8 long engine upgrade  (PR12 Short engine + PR8 cylinder heads)
  • PR8 GR6 transmission build
  • HKS 800 turbo kit
  • PR8/T1 breather kit
  • Plazmaman PR8 Intercooler kit
  • Turbosmart Blow off valves
  • ID1700X injectors
  • PR Billet Engine oil sump
  • 3 port boost solenoid
  • Fuel pump re-wire kit



This PR package comes with a 2 year 30,000km warranty