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We specialise in but are not limited to the Nissan R35 GT-R, S550 Mustang, Ford Falcon, Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution and Lamborghini Huracan/Audi R8. From oil changes, major services and repairs all the way to complete builds, we’ve got you covered. Check out our available packages for your vehicle!

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Precision Racing has developed great relationships with many aftermarket brands in the performance industry. Visit our online shop today for a huge range of vehicle specific parts.

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Precision Racing is the result of two heavy hitter Sydney workshops, HOON Tune and Precision Automotive Racing joining forces to bring you the very best in modern technology performance car building, tuning, servicing and maintaining.

Moving into our new state of the art workshop in Western Sydney in May of 2019, Precision Racing have continued to provide honest and reliable service that pioneers the trade.

As well as specialising in the Nissan R35 GTR, Ford Falcon, Mitsubishi Evolution and LS based platforms, we are currently in the process of releasing our twin turbo kits for the S550 Mustang, Lamborghini Huracan and Audi R8.

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Australia’s fastest R35

Australia’s fastest R35

Lance has always loved JDM cars and he was well known in the 90s for his 3rotor.com website and the many modified 20B 3rotor cars he built such as his HB and JC Cosmo’s and his 20B powered FC and FD RX7’s. He also loved GT-Rs and as a young fella used to hoon around...

The Golden PR12 (MR35)

The Golden PR12 (MR35)

Purchased new in January 2015, the R35 was the first high performance car Tony had owned. This was the year Australia’s first supercar rally, Bullrush Rally, launched. His first goal was to enter the rally and drive amongst a hoard of Australia’s most exotic cars....

Peter’s 1000HP FG Build

Peter’s 1000HP FG Build

Peter’s passion for the Ford Falcon was passed on from his father, an avid lover of all things Ford. Before he got his license, Peter had already purchased a 1997 EL XR6 as his first car. A few years later he sold the EL and moved on to an FG XR6, where he was...

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