When Nathan bought his 2008 R35 GTR back in 2021 he was no stranger to modified cars, although his garage consisted of muscle cars such as XB Hardtop, Valiant Charger & a VF GTS.

Apex 3

So he purchased the R35 GTR to fill a gap within his stable of a Japanese sports car, the original goal was to modify the car to reach 600-700hp. 

Very quickly, within only 1 week of owning the car he had a QLD workshop install a full bolt of kit which gave him around 500-600hp. 

Apex 7

Apex 10

Already at this power level he thought it felt faster than his 1000hp VF GTS.  This sparked a want in Nathan to push his car to the limits . Nathan knew to get the most potential out of the car and to build it right he had to send the car down to NSW to Precision Racing.

Apex 18

Apex 19

Nathan didn’t want to muck around, he knew what he wanted and he went straight for our PR16 Package.

The PR16 package makes just over 1600whp and has proven to run 2.4 second 100-200kph times with radials on an un-prepped surface. With 7.9 second ET’s and 180mph, the PR16 is about as far as you would want to go before making the R35 GTR a full drag car.

Apex 21
Apex 5

Once the build was done and Nathan had the car back home in QLD, he was all smiles !   He was wrapped in how good the car felt and just how fast it was, he was very happy to take people for a ride and show people how unbelievable the PR16 is.

Apex 1

Nathan is very keen to get the car on the track and to attend some events this year,  we are hoping to see him at the Cootamundra Drag Battle,  Sydney GTR Festival and of course his local Roll Racing events.

Apex 11
Apex 12

Even though Nathan tells us his ultimate dream car is a TT Lambo or XB Coupe, He is now very satisfied with the list of cars he has,  saying  I now have everything I need.

Apex 17

Nathans recommendation to anyone looking to do a similar build,  It’s worth paying extra for the PR16,   as he feels at this stage the car for him is at its optimal level and he cant see himself needing more power than what he now has.


Apex 20.1
Apex 8

Spec List:

Precision Racing’s PR16 full package


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