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M1 Series Overview 2 Ead2a1cf5c

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MoTeC’s unique M1 technology redefines the meaning of customisation, delivering total control without compromise, while highly advanced security strategies make these ECUs ideal for both category managed and unrestricted applications.

Direct Injector----4881212
Peak Hold Injector812812-----
Low Side Injector2621266666
Low Side Ignition8128124881212
Low Side Output---6-----
Half Bridge Output610610610101010
Universal Digital Input712812712121212
Digital Input-4-4-4444
Analogue Voltage Input817817817171717
Analogue Temperature Input464646666
Lambda Narrow Input020222222
Knock Input242424444
CAN Bus131313333
RS232 Port1^1011^1111
LIN Bus1^1011^1111
Flash Memory (MB)256#256256256256256256256256
Physical Size (mm)
107x127x39 (mm)YesYesYes
162x127x39 (mm)YesYesYesYesYesYes
Weight (g)290450310490290490490530530
No. of Connectors

#- M130 was 128MB until (Rev P)
^- M130 (Rev Q and above) and M122 have LIN and RS232 as alternate functions on other pins

Direct Injector Outputs (M122, M142, M182)
Maximum Injector Voltage = 80
Maximum Peak Current = 25
Maximum Hold Current = 15

Direct Injector Outputs (M141, M181)
Maximum Injector Voltage = 188
Maximum Peak Current = 20
Maximum Hold Current = 10