VR38 Long engine package

PR built 1300whp-2000+whp  


Purchase Information:
• *** GOOD ENGINE CORE IS REQUIRED *** (optional new OEM core can be supplied)
• You must send in a good engine block to Precision Racing to be rebuilt.
• Please allow 2-3 weeks for build times.
• Shipping both interstate/internationally

Our VR38 engine range is extensive and can be tailored to suit the specific punishment the new beast is going to receive.
Ranging from the standard 3.8L to 4.4L.
The PR built VR38 features all tested and proven parts, most proprietary to the Precision Racing engine program.
RPM limits have been pushed to over 10,000 rpm with this engine, available with steel or aluminium rods.
The REAL deal! Proven time and time again our VR38 engines are the benchmark when it comes to reliable high HP R35 GTR’s, the record lists are there to prove it.
4.1-4.4L Recommended <1400whp due to added harmonics/bore side loading.
You will need a good engine core to be built/swap.

Specs and Features:
Built short block with the entire rotating assembly installed.

PR Exclusive Features:

  • Balanced and blueprinted
  • Precise, documented hand assembly
  • Bearings (Rod, Main and Thrust)
  • Balanced, turned & polished OEM Crankshaft with PR modifications
  • ARP Fasteners
  • PR Spec Connecting Rods to suit 1600whp
  • PR Spec Forged Pistons with upgraded pins suit 2000HP+
  • Stage 1 Cylinder Head 800whp (OEM camshafts)



PR Additional Options:

  • GRP Aluminium Rods 1600whp+ – $1,150
  • PR spec ATI Balancer – $1,480
  • PR spec Sonny Bryant crank 1300+whp – $11,700
  • New OEM Nissan VR38 crankshaft – $2,120
  • PR modified new OEM Oil Pump inc Fitting – $2,070
  • New OEM Block/Girdle/Oil squirters 1300+whp – $10,499
  • PR spec Billet Main girdle fitted (1300hp+whp) – $6,380
  • Darton dry sleeve install – $3,460
  • PR spec 1300whp+ head gasket program – $2,100
  • Powder coating of engine covers (black) – $1,050
  • 1 1/4” breather welded to Valley baffle (delete PCV) – $255
  • Stage 2 cylinder heads (required 800+whp) – $4,150
  • Stage 3 cylinder heads (required 2000+whp) – $5,150
  • Billet Tilton Flywheel installed/ARP bolts – $2,600

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