Nissan GTR Stage 5 PR12

By this stage you’re a competitive person or someone who loves the G-Forces of a mid to low 8-second car.
Capable of 8.2 second and 167mph+ over 400m (1/4Mile) these PR12’s are doing 100-200kph in an average 3.0 seconds.

Our PR12 packages dominate roll racing, all whilst being full weight cars driven to and from the track. Complete consistency and reliability without compromising street drivability.

Please note: Precision Racing will NOT build, modify or support non PR package GTR’s at this power level.

PR12 Package Includes

  • PR12 long engine upgrade with PR spec balancer.

  • PR12 GR6 transmission build with drag billet sump.

  • PR12/T1 breather kit/transmission breather system.
  • PR12 Turbo kit inclusive of Garrett turbo’s, custom manifolds and Turbosmart wastegates.
  • Wiggins style clamps used on entire boost system (no silicon joiners)
  • Plazmaman PR12 intercooler kit with custom fabricated piping inclusive of powdercoating.
  • Tomei 4″ titanium racing exhaust system with custom mid-pipe to suit PR12 turbo kit. (Additional options available)
  • PR12 fuel rail kit and Turbosmart fuel pressure regulator.
  • Triple in-tank fuel pump system with upsized feed line, under car billet PR fuel line brackets and Speedflow fittings to suit.
  • PR Billet engine oil sump.
  • All vacuum/boost reference hoses made using BMRS hose and crimp fittings.
  • Pro level DSS rear axle kit.
  • Tilton billet flywheel with ARP flywheel bolts.
  • MoTeC M1 PR ECU package + additional 6 injector harness.

  • Turbosmart blow off valves.
  • Fuel pressure/coolant pressure sensor kits.
  • Manifold pressure & boost pressure sensor upgrades.
  • Boost Logic 12 Injector Intake manifold + injectors to suit (AMS carbon upgrade option available +$7,000).
  • Custom fabricated stainless steel 3.5” dump pipes.



This PR package comes with a 1 year 30,000km warranty.

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