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Phil 7

How it all started…….. Phil recently started attending Sydney Roll Racing as a spectator (very bad idea hahaha). The atmosphere and excitement created the need for his first attempt at bringing the weekend car for some safe, legal fun, and just by chance, the car of choice is an LP610-4 Lamborghini Huracan!

Phil 22

After entering a couple of times, having plenty of fun on the track, and being part of the positive surroundings, Phil had started to notice that there were a few other Huracan’s and Audi R8’s, which seemed to be flying in comparison and were doing extremely well at Roll Racing! Of course all of them were entering the #1 garage surrounded by the PR team.

Phil 14

A couple of weeks passed by, While Phil was putting up his G- wagon for sale on consignment with our friends over at Luxe Autohaus, The conversation sparked that he owned a Huracan and he had been taking it to the Roll Racing events, The PR name was brought up and Phil saw it as a sign that he needed to get in touch and make it happen.

Phil 1

After a quick chat about the various staged packages we have to offer and build slot availability, Phil already had his heart set on the Stage 1+ package, to begin with.

Phil 24
Phil 3

We have a couple of V10 twin turbo’s in the build at the shop at any given time, so we invited Phil to drop in on a Saturday to check out exactly what goes into our packages.

Without any engine bay or rear bar coverings, Everything could be seen in raw form along the installation quality that goes into all package’s . The look on Phil’s face was something you would honestly see when looking at a kid in a candy store 😊

Phil 15
Phil 20

The Stage 1+ V10 twin turbo system, inclusive of the stainless race exhaust system option was placed in our build slot queue. What an exciting start to Phil’s weekend, that was for sure!

Phil 19

Proprietary PR MoTeC calibration allows “on the fly” map switching for different power levels along with live viewing of ethanol content on the factory dash/cluster, Fully flex fuel compatible allowing for a maximum 800whp on 98ron and in this case 1111whp on E85. Launch control system setup which has been proven to achieve consistent 1.5second 60ft times on an unprepared surface (depending on tyres).

Phil 25

Our exclusive PR twin turbo system uses the largest water to air cores on the market, combined with our high flowing end tanks, designed and fabricated in house to the highest of standards to achieve an OEM look.

In addition, we use the best intercooler system for the V10 platform and have included a PR interchiller kit which reduces intercooler water temp to sub-zero, dropping intake air temps dramatically making for the most efficient system money can buy for this V10 platform world wide !!


The build time for Phil’s car was only 14 days, and after that we handed Phil back his Huracan which now had an impressive 1111.8HP.

With the power delivery being as smooth as it is, this means Phil can now enjoy both, driving this around as a daily and still be competitive on the track, we are sure he can’t wait to get it out there at the next Roll Racing event.

Phil 5


Precision Racing’s Stage 1+ Lamborghini Huracan / Audi R8 twin turbo kit

PR Stage 1 + twin turbo package

PR Interchiller kit