Introduction into the development of the next best performance car available. Precision Racing, making the best cars in the world even better….

What better platform to start with?

To make an everyday street car with ability to perform better than production made race cars.

Technology has come a long way when it comes to performance vehicles, with the dual clutch transmission being introduced into Japans best performing production made performance car, “the GTR”.

This was the first step into making extremely high horsepower without effecting everyday drivability. We have proved time and time again, the power of high tech late model performance cars and we are about to do the same again with the Audi R8 2nd gen and Lamborghini Huracan.

Since 2017 the process of R+D had begun, with the Brand new Huracan Performante arriving in 2018 and persistence of having MoTeC Australia invest their engineers time into developing a comprehensive torque modelled engine management package which will allow full vehicle integration entirely without any drawbacks.

1 year of testing the MoTeC system has given nothing but positive feedback as expected, the engineer responsible was also for the GTR MoTeC ecu package development which has done wonders worldwide.

Moving forward, everything we know about turbocharging, tuning and fuelling late model performance cars has been put into our packages.

Using only the best parts available to high end motorsports inclusive but not limited to MoTeC,  PWR, Garrett, Plazmaman, BMRS, Turbosmart  and Bosch Motorsport is the only way packages of such high quality can be obtained.


Modular package design

The below Staged packages have been designed to allow them to be upgradable to the next package without having to upgrade the same part twice. For example the clutch system allows up to 1600whp and is completed as part of stage 1, the turbo system is also able to flow close to 1600whp and fuel system in stage 1+  will support 1850whp.

The Professional Motorsport quality wiring harness includes break out points for all future additions like fuel pumps, fuel pressure sensor, oil pressure sensor, coolant pressure sensor, boost pressure, air intake temp sensors, intercooler pre and post heat exchanger water temp sensors, boost control solenoids and water pump motor regardless if it is being used or not within your package of choice. This allows for simple and cost effective future upgrades which creates additional value to the vehicle with any particular stage build leaving the ability to upgrade further to the new future owner. (not that you will ever want to sell)

A MoTeC power distribution module is programmed to control all electrical current draws, overloads are set with automatic resets and warnings are sent to the drivers cluster display after multiple attempts. Depending on the fault, we have limp modes set to protect the vehicle based on priority of fault.

You will not find relays and fuses added to the vehicle, everything is modern day technology. A simple blown fuse could cause many issues in old school type wiring systems, we have addressed this by having non local customers in mind where a simple remote login from a laptop will allow us to see the exact fault if one is to ever occur.

System logs current draw continuously and can be accessed remotely.

All aspects of the Precision Racing turbo systems are designed with Quality and reliability being the absolute main priority whilst allowing packages easily upgradeable with minimal wasted investment completing in separate stages. 

Bookings for Packages are taken by appointment.

Stage 1/ 1+

Stage 2

Stage 3

Huracan Packages