Peter’s 1000HP FG Build

Peter’s passion for the Ford Falcon was passed on from his father, an avid lover of all things Ford. Before he got his license, Peter had already purchased a 1997 EL XR6 as his first car. A few years later he sold the EL and moved on to an FG XR6, where he was introduced to the mighty Ford Barra engine. Dabbling in basic performance modifications, he realised the awesome potential of the Barra in early 2017 when he sold the XR6 and purchased his 2010 FG XR50 Turbo sedan, in the stunning Sunburst Orange. With the XR50 in dead stock form, it was only a matter of weeks before Peter was chasing more power and soon the car was capable of 300kW at the rear wheels.

A few months later in October 2017, the addiction had set in and the car was pushing just shy of 400kW at the wheels. From here, he focused mainly on aesthetic enhancements until Peter decided it was time to take things to the next level. Peter got in contact with Joe here at Precision Racing in early 2018, initially to enquire about a ZF transmission build and a tune to make the car more reliable at its current power level. It wasn’t long before he had made the decision to look at a build capable of exceeding 750kW at the wheels reliably, the key word being reliable. Joe put together a killer package to suit Peter’s goals, and in late 2018 the car was dropped off at Precision Racing HQ. Peter picked up his car in December 2018 and was absolutely blown away with not only the performance that the car was capable of, but it’s street-ability.

His beautiful car was completely transformed front to back with a complete drive-in, drive-out driveline package. It was fitted with one of our built Engine Packages, our Stage 4 ZF Package with a billet triple lockup converter, a Gibson HD Tailshaft, a TruTrac diff, billet rear axles, an IMS Diff Hat, our custom fuel system, our own turbo manifold coupled with a PTE 7675 turbo, custom dump pipe and cat pipe ceramic coated and wrapped, a full 4” exhaust, a Plazmaman 1800hp intercooler kit, GFB twin EX44 wastegates, SV50 BOV, and an FX-R fuel pressure regulator – and this is just scratching the surface of the build! This is all controlled by the factory PCM, tuned by us here at Precision Racing using a custom PCMTEC operating system.

Peter’s weapon is now capable of an impressive 766kW/1028hp to the rear wheels at 35psi. He intends to take the car to the drag strip in the near future to find out what it’s really capable of. His future plans for the car are the addition of a set of our billet cams, with every modification leading to more.


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