Crow Cams Ford Barra BA BF FG FGX Turbo Race Valve Spring Kit (VTKBA6T-24)


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Crow Cams Valve Spring & Retainer Kit to suit BA BF FG FGX Falcon Barra XR6 Turbo 4.0L 6 Cylinder DOHC Turbo & NA.

This high performance valve train kit is designed to suit all Barra engines with high boost or large camshafts and includes valve springs (1809-24) and retainers (10703-24).

110lb installed pressure, uses standard Ford valve locks.

Suitable up to 2.5 bar boost or 37psi.

Valve Spring Specifications
Installed Height – 1.520″
Installed Pressure – 105
Pressure @ .5 Lift – 205
Max Lift – .600″
Height .900”
Spring Retainer – Use Standard
Valve Locks – Use Standard