ACL Race Series Calico Coated Conrod Bearing Set Ford Barra 4.0L Inline 6 (6B2150HC)


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Our coated bearings combine ACL’s tough RACE Series lining and overlay metallurgy with Calico’s well renowned CT-1 coating. CT-1 is a Dry Film Lubricant coating that helps reduce friction and abrasive wear. It provides intermittent dry lubrication and is not affected by dust or dirt. CT-1 is specifically engineered to withstand the extreme conditions of today’s high performance engines. Professional engine builders enjoy a higher level of confidence with increased embedability, strength and durability.

Provides intermittent dry lubrication, not affected by dust or dirt, low coefficient of friction. Thin coating to accommodate assembly constraints, chemical resistance, corrosion protection, reduced friction and drag resulting in decreased parasitic losses.
• Corrosion Protection
• Increased Lubricity
• Low Coefficient of Friction
• Oil and Fuel Resistant

CT-1 coated bearings have excellent embedability characteristics, allowing debris contaminates
to embed in the bearing, avoiding damage to the crank.

CT-1 coated bearings have shown a reduction in oil temperatures as much as 8°C – 11°C / 15˚F – 20˚F. Lower oil temperatures also aid in the loss of viscosity due to extreme heat.

Theoretically a crankshaft rides on a thin film of oil that protects both the crank and bearing. Real world experience such as cold starts and rough terrain conditions have proven otherwise. CT-1 coated engine bearings provide a dry film lubricant that protects against intermediate oil starvation.