Atomic BA-BF & FG Street Main Cap Girdle



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10mm thick suit BA-BF & FG Ford 6 cyl Street application – will fit standard sump without modifications 

**We highly reccomend tunnel bore sizing be checked with this fitted as a tunnel hone will be required.**

Ford Barra DOHC Engines

Strengthen the bottom end of high powered Ford 6 cylinder SOHC and DOHC engines by adding an Atomic main cap girdle. Precision laser cut from billet steel and precision CNC machined, our main cap girdles are designed to tie all 7 main caps together to increase structural integrity of the block and main bearing caps.

Main cap girdles are a vital component in engines producing over 400kW at the tyres, as the main caps begin to “walk” on the block at this power level and beyond. Once this occurs, the main bearing caps no longer provide accurate bearing alignment for the crankshaft, leading to premature crankshaft and or main bearing failure. 

One major feature of our girdles is that they fit! No need to notch and weld the sump to make it fit and with at least 4mm clearance to the conrods, no conrod bolt clearance issues will occur. The girdles also fit with fit with std or aftermarket fasteners and due to our counterbored bolt holes, retain sufficient main cap bolt purchase into the block.

We have seen some cheap copies of our girdles that are not contour-milled for conrod clearance or counter-bored, so either the conrod hits the side of the girdle or the bolts do not go all the way into the block. You will not encounter fitment problems with a genuine Atomic main cap girdle.

Available in two models, for Street/strip use (up to 698kW) or for Race applications, all DOHC girdles come with a louvered OE style windage tray. Installation is by way of the original bolts or with an Atomic #306670 or #306671 Main stud kit.