In 2002 Ford released a game changing performance car range to the Domestic market! The XR6T. It was a modern day falcon, sporting a 4.0l, double overhead cam, inline 6, turbocharged engine. And boy did they get it right!

Single Tune Directly to your computer using PCMTec (inc ZF Tune)   $1250

Multiple Tunes, Map Switch Via Cruise Control buttons (98/e85/High Boost/Low Boost)  $2195

Factory pcm Flex Fuel kit, supply, install and tune $2995

Single Custom Tune Directly to your computer and Bosch 1000cc injectors $1899

Stage 1  – 280rwkw

Our stage 1 package touches on the few things that we believe could have been addressed better from factory, obviously they weren’t due to budget constraints or similar! But firstly we fit our PR Spec 800hp rated intercooler kit and Under Battery Intake. These together address the heat soak issues that are evident in stock form, our kit makes the cars performance repeatable and consistent, we also upgrade the fuel system to include flow matched 1000cc injectors and a high flow intank fuel pump module, this ensures that we supply enough fuel to the engine when raising the boost levels.

  • Under Battery Intake Kit
  • Full custom Precision Racing, including re-calibration of your engine and transmission computer
  • Perfomance Spark Plugs
  • Plazmaman 800hp Intercooler kit
  • 1000cc Genuine Bosch Injectors
  • Intank Walbro 460 fuel pump
  • Labour


Stage 2  – 350rwkw

Our Stage 2 package includes everything from the previous package, but includes an even larger intercooler kit. On top of all this, we address the exhaust system restrictions, so we upgrade to our PR Spec Turbo Dump Pipe, Catalytic converter and catback exhaust to let the big 4.0l turbo engine breathe. With this comes the need to improve the wastegate flow and the valve spring strength to combat over boosting and valve float, both of which can have catastrophic effects to your engine.

  • Under Battery Intake Kit
  • Hot Side Turbo PIping
  • Plazmaman 1000hp Intercooler Kit
  • Full custom Precision Racing including re-calibration of your engine and transmission computer
  • 4″ S/S high flow dump and Cat pipe
  • Twin 2.5″ Catback
  • Wastegate Mod and actuator upgrade
  • 1000cc Genuine Bosch Injectors
  • Intank Walbro 460 fuel pump
  • Performance Spark Plugs
  • Valve Spring upgrade
  • Labour


Additional Options:

  • Multiple Maps on Cruise control buttons $1100
  • Head studs $650
  • Pro64 Turbo Upgrade (400rwkw) $1850
  • 4” Race airbox and battery relocation $999

Stage 3  – 450rwkw e85 380rwkw 98 oct (billet turbo)

​Our Stage 3 is the ultimate bolt on package for your turbo falcon, addressing the details from both the previous packages as well as going even further to ensure that your smiling from ear to ear, as soon as you get into the car. We include the largest intercooler that you can fit onto your car along with the 4″ turbo side race air box, battery relocation and the PR Spec intake manifold top half plenum to ensure improved even flow to all cylinders under high boost conditions. We include our tried and tested billet wheel PRO64 turbo for impressive spool speeds as well as power when you need it. To accommodate this new boost, we fit an external wastegate and an even higher flowing fuel system including an Anti-Surge tank to ensure consistent fuel pressure under all conditions. Reliability, consistency and power, what more could you ask for. ​

  • Plazmaman 4″ race airbox and battery relocation
  • Plazmaman 1800hp Intercooler and piping
  • Plazmaman Top half Plenum
  • Full custom Precision Racing, including re-calibration of your engine and transmission computer
  • Full 4″ race exhaust
  • Hidden 44mm wastegate and screamer setup
  • Pro64 Procharge Turbo
  • 1550cc X-Spurt flow matched injectors
  • Intank Walbro 460
  • PR Twin Pierburg pump Surge tank setup
  • Valve Spring Upgrade
  • Head stud upgrade
  • Performance spark plugs to handle higher boost
  • Labour


​Available options on all packages

  • Manual transmission you may require an upgraded Clutch dependant of power produced
  •  PR Spec 1000hp tail shaft $1650 •
  • PR Drivetrain Packages, contact for info
  •  We also offer 800hp and 1000hp drive in drive out packages