BA XR6T / F6 STAGE 3 – 380-450RWKW


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​Our Stage 3 is the ultimate bolt on package for your turbo falcon, addressing the details from both the previous packages as well as going even further to ensure that your smiling from ear to ear, as soon as you get into the car. we include the largest intercooler that you can fit onto your car along with the 4″ turbo side race air box, battery relocation and the PR Spec intake manifold top half plenum to ensure improved even flow to all cylinders under high boost conditions. We include our tried and tested billet wheel PRO64 turbo for impressive spool speeds as well as power when you need it. To accommodate this new boost, we fit an external wastegate and an even higher flowing fuel system including an Anti-Surge tank to ensure consistent fuel pressure under all conditions! Reliability, Consistency and power, what more could you ask for.​