Yella Terra Billet Flex Plate – Ford



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Yella Terra has been designing and manufacturing CNC billet Steel Flywheels for the Performance and Race Industry for the past 25 years.

Applying this experience, Yella Terra are proud to announce the release of our New Ford 6cyl. DOHC 4.0L Flexplate.

With Ford 6cyl turbocharged engines now capable of producing over 1000+ HP the thin factory sheet metal flexplates are failing or fretting loose due to the enormous torsional loads channelled through them.

Yella Terra has engineered an ANDRA specified, Billet Steel Flexplate designed for these performance applications.

Yella Terra’s flexplate is CNC Machined to OE specs and drilled with multiple bolt patterns to accommodate a number of torque converters.    

Eight machined slots reduce rotating mass and provide extra airflow around the torque converter.

Our Billet flexplates come ready to bolt on with a new factory spec ring gear, with an assembled weight of just 5.3Kg.



  • Explosion Proof Billet Steel.
  • CNC machined accuracy to factory specs.
  • Offers exceptional Power and Torque holding capacity.
  • 10mm material thickness around mount holes to prevent fretting & cracking.
  • 8 machined slots to reduce mass and create airflow around converter. 
  • Meets ANDRA flexplate requirements


Please note: You will require longer flex plate to crank bolts due to the Yella Terra flex plate being thicker then factory. You can find this in the options above.

Additionally, we have provided the option of ARP converter bolts for the same reason. 


Barra flexplate or flywheel bolts coming loose is a common issue, typically related to excessively hitting the rev limiter, or in cars which have in the past. When this happens, the damage can have a domino effect quickly becoming expensive, i.e. damaging the cranks mating face, or bolt threads, requiring machining or a new crankshaft to be fitted.

We have tried many various methods over the years to retain these bolts and now only use/recommend one method. This is a method which we use throughout all of the models we specialise in. We highly recommend that we carry out the install, however specific directions are supplied when you purchase this option and want to have a go yourself.