Barra Long Engine 4.0L Falcon BA-FGX


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PR built 800whp

Purchase Information:
• You must send in a good engine block/crank/Head to Precision Racing to be rebuilt.
• Please allow 2-3 weeks for build times.
• Shipping both locally/interstate/internationally

Our Barra engine range is extensive and can be tailored to suit the specific punishment the new beast is going to receive.
The PR Budget Barra comes from years of development and testing of combinations, ranging from the experience of pushing factory engines to their limits, to our built combinations producing over 1600hp! And over 8500rpm from a standard bore and stroke!
You will need a good engine core to be built/swap. Or we can supply a core at an extra cost!

Specs and Features:
Built 800whp rated long engine

PR Exclusive Features
– Balanced and blueprinted
– Precise, documented hand assembly
– High Performance Bearings (Rod, Main and 360* Thrust)
– Balanced, turned & polished OEM Crankshaft with PR modifications
– ARP Main Cap Fasteners
– ARP Head studs with PR Spec washers
– PR Spec Connecting Rods
– PR Spec Forged Pistons
– Brass Welsh Plugs
– Modified oil galleries
– PR Spec Oil Pump with Billet gears
– PR HD Timing kit (crank sprocket, Timing chain, Guides, Tensioner)
– Water Pump
– 90lb Seat Pressure valve springs
– Full Cylinder head service

– Factory Displacement is maintained
– Compression ratio is 9.0:1 unless otherwise Specified
– Max rev limit is 7500rpm with supporting mods

Exhaust Back Pressure is a killer of any boosted engine, note that the power level stated is based on running one of our aftermarket exhaust manifolds. If running factory BA/F exhaust manifolds this engine should not be pushed further then 620rwhp, and FG factory exhaust manifolds should not be pushed any further then 700rwhp, even on a built engine