Huracan / R8 TT Stage 2

Stage 2 – 1350whp+ (Upgraded Engine internals)

  • Twin billet compressor wheel Garrett turbochargers
  • Turbosmart wastegates
  • Turbosmart blow off valves
  • Custom 1st class Tig welded stainless steel exhaust using aircraft quality metal
  •  High temp Black ceramic coating for all exhaust items
  • Custom fabricated aluminium light weight air intake
  • K&N air filters and High quality silicone hose
  • Plazmaman Billet clamp system for all boost pipe connections
  • Billet Throttle body adapters for clamp system
  • High quality v-band clamps  for exhaust connections
  • Custom heat shielding
  • Custom Billet end tank,  Dual Air/Water intercooler system using a high flow water pump and Plazmaman Cores, Dual PWR intercooler water heat exchanger cores with custom tanks and carbon fibre air ducting
  • Custom ice/water reservoir
  • Powder coating of all fabricated items – Custom Colours and finishes are optional
  • Crankcase ventilation system
  • BMRS crimp fittings and light weight hoses used for all plumbing
  • Coolant pressure sensor
  • Oil pressure sensor



  • Clutch- Factory Drivability is not compromised at all
  • DCT clutch upgrade suitable for up to 1600whp
  • Billet inner clutch cage
  • Billet outer clutch cage



  • MoTeC M1 Huracan/R8 PR package inclusive of the following
  • MoTeC PDM15
  • Auto Upshift at desired RPM in Corsa Mode for consistent perfect shifts when racing- Manual shifting ability is still functional
  • Torque by Gear
  • Custom professional motorsport wiring harness for additional electronics-sensors-motors, completely populated to allow future staged options to “plug in”
  • Professional tuning of all systems


Engine is removed for the following upgrades

  • Complete blue print and documented, balanced race short block+ cylinder heads
  • Disassemble complete V10
  • Acid wash, inspect and measure
  • Machine block deck surface V10 Alluminium
  • Balance complete V10 rotating assembly
  • Balancing of crankshaft- Rotating assembly
  • Polish and measure crankshaft
  • High strength billet conrods
  • Race pistons-rings
  • Upgraded pins
  • Custom head gasket system suitable for 2000whp+
  • Main bearings
  • Conrod bearings
  • Assemble complete 5.2L V10 Engine within our temperature controlled facility
  • PR stage 2 cylinder head program
  • Custom L19 material 5.2 V10 cylinder head studs


Cost $160,000 +GST

This PR package comes with a 2 year 30,000km warranty & free scheduled servicing.

Additional Options:

  • Light weight Titanium exhaust option is an additional $10,000 and can be completed in design and finish of your choice. (additional 2 weeks build time)
  • PR Huracan/R8 Interchiller kit including install – $6,500
  • KW Sleeve kit- adjustable height installed including wheel alignment – $3,880
  • PR Billet intake manifold to replace OEM Plastic item – $14,000


*Build time 10 weeks*